I have script in java that I would like to get in javascript.
test case is
1. http sampler + reg ex(pick up multiple lines from reply into RIVIT variable)
2. JSR223 sampler where I have following code

int COUNT=vars.get("RIVIT_matchNr");

for (int i=1;i<8;i=i+1){
String jono = vars.get("RIVIT_"+i);
int position1=jono.indexOf("=");
String jono3=jono.substring(position1,jono.length());
String jono2="";
for (int j=1; j<10000;j=j+1)
jono2=jono2 + jono3;

if someone could give me same code that will work when I change language to JavaScript.

I want to do some performance testing about java and savascript in jmeter. in speed and resource consumption.