Hi All,

We are trying to simulate a scenario in which user is navigated from domain 1 (site 1) to domain 2 (site 2). please find the test steps below.

1) Login to site 1 (Domain 1)
2) Click to a link (which will navigate user to site 2 (domain 2)
Logout from site 2 (domain 2)

We have recorded the script and made all the required correlations but when we try to replay the script, on the step 2, user is navigated back to login page of site 2. However the same scenario is working fine on the browser.

After debugging the requests and responses using Httpfox (firefox addon), we found that some id is getting exchanged between domains using cookies. however, in Jmeter, no cookies are managed/exchanged between cross domains. (Note: We have already included Cookies manager in the script).

Please help me finding workaround for this

Deepak Rawat