Jmeter does not redirect properly, the way browser does

I have URL1, which when invoked redirects to URL2, which again re-directs to another URL3
The part of re-directed URL2 like parameter id number is dynamically generated as shown below

Following is status code and redirection captured from a normal invocation through browser

Jmeter http sampler /request has two options "Redirect automatically" and "Follow redirect"

Selecting "Redirect automatically" does nt seem to working , as the page corresponding to URL is not loaded

Other option is to extract id/ Location field from response header of URL1 using regular expression extractor and using to call URL3
However, for some reason on invoking URL1 throught jmeter, it returns status code as 200 OK, which means jmeter was not able to capture intermediate status code of 302
hence was not able to capture redirected URL

Now the question I have

1) How to make jmeter does redirection correctly
2) How to capture redirected url from response field of URL1, assuming the response code of URL1 shows as OK, ie 302 for redirection status

Please help