I've been asked to do performance testing of an LDAP upgrade so I'm trying to quickly learn Jmeter. Up to this point I have written a script that will search, add, and delete. Everything runs correctly, so I think because I'm not getting any errors like I had before (my objectClasses were not in the correct order).

Anyhow I would like to verify that things are actually working by viewing some type of log. In other words after I submit an add LDAP request I want to verify that the id, ou, and dc(s) were created. If I enter a search command after adding nothing really happens, the script does not error or say it was created. Any suggestions on how to do this? (I'm looking at the regular expression extractor right now, don't know if its the right way or not).

I'm trying to avoid applying for permissions to view the database itself to verify usernames were created and deleted.