I am working on a project (web) which is having 32 modules but I need to test (load) only one module. The module starting class is a servlet which takes one xml file as input. I want to check this web application using jmeter. But I am not getting any idea how to proceed as all the links coming in google are describing how to test the entire application but not a particular module.

Actually this process is a background process so no user interaction will be there. Thats why I am not getting idea how to call that particular servlet directly through jmeter because that servlet requires an input in the form of xml.

It will be passed using http post. Actually in the application that xml will be generated by a device and we will configure our servlet url in that device so that it will send that xml directly to the servlet. In the servlet we retrieve that using req.getInputStream(). This entire process is a background process there will be no interaction by the user.

All the tutorials are guiding using http proxy when I am (user) not doing anything in the browser how can one will able to capture the flow in jmeter that I am not able to get.

Can any one guide me in this regard.

--raaja g