I am having issues with nested loops, it iterates first row of the outer loop and inner loop gets executed and never stops as While Controller - csv data config - stop thread on EOF - "false "and if i specify - stop thread on eof as "true" it stops the test and doesn't come back to the second iteration of the outer loop.

Any ideas???

+Thread Group - no. of threads -1,ramp up period -1 , loop count -1

++for each
user defined variabes - it has server - 1 ,server -2
+++while controller - condition - ${url}
csvdataconfig - name of file is url.txt,var name - url , allowed quoted data - false,Recycle EOF - false ,stop thread on EOF - false
http cookie manager
Http request
check response code

url.txt contains


FYI - i have hundreds of url's that i need to add to url.txt , that is the reason i chose csv data config option