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    Performance Metric collectors plug in:


    I have generated graph for CPU Utilization in Performan Metric Collector Listener in JMeter. Elapsed time(X-axis)is plotted against Performan Metric Collector(Y-axis).what does Performance Metric Collector in Y-axis mean?
    EX:90000,180000,270000 etc....How these values are measured?Whether these values are measured are in bytes/KB/Percentage etc?

    And What actually mean Swap,Disk I/O,Network I/O here in performance metric collector.What actually it's measured in Jmeter ??

    Your response would be highly appreciated.

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    Re: Performance Metric collectors plug in:


    CPU utilization is always represented in percentage.

    In terms of monitoring, you should first identify what counters are relevant for your system under test. Try searching for the top counters for your application platform and DB.



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