We are exploring JMeter in order to perform load testing on Vertica database. We would like to know what does following terms mean:

1. Variable Name Bound to Pool
2. Connection Pool Configuration
a. Max number of connections
We searched for this and got some idea and what we understand is Max number of connections means Pool Size. If there are 100 users/threads and 5 is the pool size/max connections; then 20 users/threads (100 divided by 5) would be grouped together in a pool and there will 5 such groups. Please correct/confirm.

b. Pool Timeout
What we understand is time till a pool (group of users) will wait for a connection to get free. Please correct/confirm.

c. Idle Cleanup Interval (ms)
d. Auto Commit

3. Connection Validation by Pool
a. Keep-Alive
b. Max Connection Age (ms)
How long a single connection (in this case 1 out of 5 defined in max connections) will be active even if all users/thread occupying it have been executed completely and left it.
c. Validation Query- Our query is selecting all records from a fact table but here it says 'Select 1'. Is this kind of name to the query being executed?

Please provide solution ASAP.
Thanks in advance!