Hi guys,

If you have any ideea with the below need that I have in beanshell I would really appreciate your input.

I have in a Jmeter Plan something like this:

__HTTP Request
|_ XPath Assertion
|_ BeanShell Assertion or BeanShell Listener (or other BeanShell Component)

with the HTTP request I access the server that will response with an xml document. that document contains a <STATUS> tag. I check that the value in that tag will become COMPLETE.
The trick here is that the complete status can come in 10 second or in 300 seconds, depends on the server speed response.

My ideea is to avoid adding a timer for 300 seconds and to add a BeanShell component (which one I am not sure) and to check the status from 10 to 10 second with a maximum cumulate time of 300 seconds.
This will involve reseding the HTTP request for each check and also setting the Request status in the end (pass or fail).

I dont have experience with BeanShell so if you can help I would really appreciate.