I am executing Jmeter script on Linux machin with perfmon listener. I am getting below error after 12-20 min of execution.
Error : "10:39:28 - ERROR: Getting cpu metrics is not supported by Sigar API on this operating system... (while getting - CPU)"

Environment Detail:
Staging Server : Application/Web/Database server on linux machine
Execution Machine : Executing from Othe linux Machine
Using SSH to connect linux machines.

Executing server agent on staging server using command "./startAgent.sh --autostop &"

Executing script on linux machine using command
"sh jmeter -n -t Script_Name.jmx -l /usr/JmeterReport/04Oct_100USR10MinRP1Hr.jtl & "

My observations:
When SSH session expires after 15-20 min it starts the said error.

But I am using "&" while running server agent, so it should not end the serverAgent process.

It shows the perfmon graph for 15 mins.

How to overcome this problem