I'm new to the jMeter tool.I recorded a scenario and run load testing for that recorded scenario.Then it shows that the load test has passed and but when I check the data base ,the http post request of that load testing has not gone to the data base.Couldn't figure out the reason.Pleas let me knows any one who knows the issue.Following are the steps I followed for the load testing.

1. run jMeter bat file with the proxy in command line
2. Add a Http proxy to the WorkBench
3. Add a Thread group to the Test Plan
4. Add a Http Request Defaults to Thread Group(There set the Server Name)
5. Add a Record Controller to the Thread Group
6. Add a mysql connector to class path
7. Add View Result Tree to the Test Plan
8. Set manual proxy configuration in to and port 8080
9. Run the test
10. Stop the test
11.View the 'View Results Tree'

Then it shows that the load test is successful and but the data is not persist to the database.

Out put of the Test Plan


POST data:

[no cookies]

Request Headers:
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

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