Hi All!

Our JMeter Plugins set just got an update to version 0.4.1! [img]/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img] Lots of update and fixes, especially command-line automation tool, some non-graph listeners like AutoStop, some bug fixes and enhancements.

Just grab it > here <

Here is the complete list of updates:

- Throughput Shaping Timer - another "killer" feature
- Command-line tool to save csv and/or image for JTL file.
- HTTP Raw Request Sampler
- Raw Data Source PreProcessor
- Flexible File Writer
- AutoStop listener - using average response time or error rate as stop criteria
- PerfMon: Keep collecting and showing metrics for other servers if one of the servers lost connection
- PerfMon: Ability to auto stop the Server Agent at end of the test
- UDP Sampler
- Console runtime status logger listener
- Added "Bytes Sent" in Bytes Throughput graph
- Better display of trimmed charts if maxY is forced in settings
- Added prefix for all plugin menu items
- Default description with link to help page for every plugin
- Sample test plans at wiki pages
- Copy row ability in UltimateThreadGroup and PerfMon GUI
- Proper handling of transaction controllers and samplers which download embedded resources in hit/sec, response codes and latency graphs
- Changed row colors generation to new algorithm, more regular
- Percentiles graph use fractions like 99.9

Here are samples of features:

Happy Load Testing!

Stephane & Andrey