Hi All

I am new to JMeter. I am currently doing a performance testing of a web application using Jmeter. This web application uses Windows authentication.
When I am generating the request i am getting the following message in the response section of the "View Results Tree"

<html><head><title>An NTLM Token was received.</title></head><body>Your browser configuration is correct, but you have not logged into a supported Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Domain. <p>Please login to the application using the normal login page.</html>

I came to know that for windows authentication we need to use Http Authorization manager above the Http Request element.
This is the input i have given

Base url: http://localhost:3030
username: m1/userid

I also tried changing
Base url: http://localhost:3030
domain: m1

I am still not able to resolve the issue. I would be great if someone could help me in resolving the above issue in JMeter. I also dont understand what is Realm, whether it is required or not and why

Thanks and Regards