Hi All,

MeterPlus is released with new version 1.01 with following new features:

1) Select Type of Summary to be generated in report, ‘Summary by Label(s)’ Or ‘Summary by Thread(s)’: used for generating report with performance characteristics of each thread.

2) Two new types of graphs
- Response Time Vs. Time: This line graph can be used to determine whether the system performance is within acceptable minimum and maximum transaction performance time ranges.
- Transaction Per Sec Vs. Time: It display the number of complied, successful transaction perform during each second of scenario run.

3) Non-GUI mode to create reports using command shell: It allows user to create reports using command shell. This feature is useful when you have a machine or server which does not have a GUI interface. Alternatively it can also be used along with shell script for automated processes such as build verification scripts, Ant script etc.