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    Stopping the thread group execution


    quick question. Is there any possibility to stop the execution of thread group depends on error rate? I mean to say i want to stop the execution of thread groups whenever i get 20% errors. This is client requirement. Can any one explain me on this some what briefly?


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    Re: Stopping the thread group execution

    There isn't a way to do this "out of the box" with JMeter.

    You'd need to write a post processor beanshell script that calculates the error percentage and then stops thread when above 20%

    Here's a link to all the packages available in beanshell:

    I would start with these two packages:
    1. Sample Results - http://www.javadocexamples.com/java_.../SampleResult/
    2. ThreadGroups - http://www.javadocexamples.com/java_...s/ThreadGroup/

    I would start with

    And I would search the forum below for beanshell help:



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