I am new to jmeter and hav ea question.
I really apprecite the help.

Our aim is 2000qps(query per second).
So, I ran a test for 100 parallel threads looping 20 times. And it finished in 10 seconds. Does it mean that the qps(query pers second) is (100 X 20) / 10 ? That is 200 qps?

I just want to know whetehr this caluculation is correct or not.

One more question.
I know that if I give 1000 threads and if they finihs in 1 second, the qos would be 1000.
But, just wanted to see whetehr the previous way I mentioned is right as well.

Also, if I need to run a certain parallel users for a certain amount of time, is there a way?
SUppose I want to run 100 threads for 60 seconds.
I didn't find any way where I can control "run 100 times per second". Alwaya, I schedule tests for a time giving the threads and loop count and it finishes by its own. I didn't find a way to specify "run exactly this unsh per second".

thanks a lot, N