Hi all,

Im currently load testing a component weve developed as part of the project Im working on. The component offers two services that consist in an incoming HTTP request with XML data stored in a parameter and an HTTP reply with processed XML data. Ive bursted the component and have also determined its daily performance profile (with peaks of requests during lunch time and after working hours, for example).

My Test Plan is composed of sequential thread groups that generate the normal traffic.
Example: from 0 to 5 AM, 2000 requests are generated, from 6 to 7 AM, 800 requests,

What I would like to do now is combining both those aspects. On top of the daily (normal) traffic, Id like to have packs of simultaneous requests sent on a random basis throughout the day, to simulate peaks in traffics that could be observed in Production. For example, have 20 peaks generated on a 24 hours period, no matter when exactly.

My problem is that I do not succeed in simulating those random peaks.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.