i am testing a HTTPS web application using JMeter.,where i am facing an issue of getting a session expired message.

i am using JMeter 2.3.4 r800132.

My aim is to record following sequence for the HTTPS application:

Index page------>Login Page------->confirmation page,button click to get a form---->add detail in the form---->and search detail by entering data in the text field of the page after successful addition of the detail in the form.

now i am able to record the page sequence.

and this is my test plan..

---SIMPLE CONTROLLER(For index page)
...(various HTTP request recorded)
---TREE LISTENER (Response data showing page loaded successfully)

---SIMPLE CONTROLLER(For login page)
...(various HTTP request recorded)
---TREE LISTENER (Response data showing login page loaded successfully,but in the above http request i have sent the userid and password ..so i should get the confirmation page here..as i think..)

---SIMPLE CONTROLLER(For confirmation page,button click to get form)
...(various HTTP request recorded,which include button click)
---TREE LISTENER (Response data showing YOUR SESSION EXPIRED,Kindly Re-login..)

and same result for further steps...

Can anyone suggest me solution for this problem??

some one suggested that using correlation we can solve the issue..
can anyone give brief idea to solve the problem?