I am working on adobe livecycle web based application, which works on HTTPS protocol.

Jmeter is able to capture the application. Flow goes like this: Login -> Create review -> logout
Upto login captured requests are fine. However, when i start creating review, jmeter start capturing request url as 'https://<servername>.remoting/messagebroker/amf' and save the binary content to file POST<number>.binary. Same way with every POST, jmeter captures remoting/messagebroker/amf. And at last it captures Logout.

This script replay well.

Details of Jmeter settings:
Version: 2.3.4

Now the problem is: I is required to parameterize some of the fields which goes to the server through AMF protocol. How to parameterize those fields?

Please help me out in solving this problem.

Thanks in Advance!