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    correlation of jsessionid in JMeter


    we are trying to correlate the JsessionID from the server.
    first , we created a regex extractor (snapshot1) and attached it to the login.jsp node. (snapshot 2)
    Then we used the regular expression in Http Header Set-Cookie parameter (snapshot 3).
    when we run the script, we get error code 500 - Internal server error.
    For some reason , in the request headers we see that the JSESSIONID is different than the response JSESSIONID from the server although the regex works fine.
    We tried to run the script with Set-Cookie and Get-Cookie parameters, but always got the same error.

    can you please help?
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    Re: correlation of jsessionid in JMeter


    For correlate the JsessionID from the server use the pre processor HTTP URL Re-writing Modifier.


    Any way, if you use th regular expression extractor, try adding:

    Debug Sampler:

    And a View Results Tree to check the var value:


    I hope it helps.

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    Re: correlation of jsessionid in JMeter

    Thanks for your reply,

    we also noticed that when running the scenario on Fiddler, the JsessionID is the same for the whole session.
    Whereas in Jmeter it changes after several actions.
    we correlated the Jsession ID from the server's header response in a login action. But the server returns a different JsessionID on the next action on Set-Cookie parameter.

    how to fix this?



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