Hello All,

New to jmeter so please bear with me. I have a test plan setup which places search requests on a web page, sorta like google. I have a parameter setup to pull the search request query values from a .csv file (in column A) to place multiple threaded searches. What I want to do is extract the number of returned results (total results) that is displayed in the HTML/TEXT and insert it in to the .csv file (I'm pulling the search values from) and place it into column B. I can see "total results" info when I look at the Response Data in the View Results Tree listener. I tried adding a Regular expression Extractor ( see below) but wasn't sure how to tell the regex to save this data to a file. Is this even possible or another method to do this? I see in most cases regex is used to define a variable from output but not save the extracted output to a file. Additionally, I would also like to add start/stop times (or various performance results) to the .csv file as well, perhaps in column C. Thank you for your help or suggestions!

html in response output = (411 total results)<p/>
regex = .*?\((\d+).*?total results\)