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    how the load distribution works?

    Hey guys i have a doubt... how the load is distributed across sevreal load generators? suppose i have 2 machines remotely which generates load to the server and if i set 10 threads, whether the threads are equally shared between the macchines like 5 from a machine and rest 5 from the second..

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    Re: how the load distribution works?

    Hi Irsath

    You can do Distributed testing or just hit server with jmeter(http request)

    yes u can try for 10 threads from one pc or else 5 threds in 2 systems

    thing u should notice is that throughput should be same when u divide(from 2 machines)

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    Re: how the load distribution works?

    I am not clear..how will u determine the no.of users in each system. suppose i have 3 machines in which i control the jmeter Gui in one and the rest 2 for ditribute loads.Now i start the remote systems from gui controller for 10 users, now how theload come from the other 2 systems where i have started the jmeter server...is it 5 from each or how?

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    Re: how the load distribution works?

    The test will run the same number of threads on EACH machine.

    Thus, if your threadgroup says "5 threads", and you have 3 machines, you have a total of *15 threads*

    (5 threads X 3 machines = 15 total)

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    Re: how the load distribution works?

    Hello Gaff,
    Thanks. But that literally means 15 threads and not the 5 threads that we intent to test. so what if we want to test exactly 5 threads and how will you specify the no.of threads in gui controller machine?

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    Re: how the load distribution works?

    If you are interested in running just 5 threads why do you need to run them on an agent? Why not run them on the controller machine?

    Now to answer anyway:

    You can set the number of threads to 5 and remost start just one of the agents.

    Alternatively, you can set the number of threads to 3 then remote start Agent_1, once it starts the test you can change the thread count to 2 and remote start Agent_2.

    Hope that helps.
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