Hi all,
I am automating a product which returns response in json format. Jmeter is not matching json response and test is getting fail. server responses are like this {"wabp": {
"errorcode": "0",
"booklist": {"book": [
"acl": {
"write": "ngc8",
"create": "ngc8",
"delete": "ngc8",
"read": "ngc8"
When i am matching the same in response assertion fail and says
Assertion error: true
Assertion failure: false
Assertion failure message : Bad test configuration org.apache.oro.text.MalformedCachePatternException : Invalid expression: {"wabp": {
"errorcode": "0",
"booklist": {"book":[
Unmatched [] in expression.
I am using jmeter2.3. In response assertion i checked Text Response and in Pattern Matching Rule selected contains.
It work fine for xml response but not for json. Please help me. Pls let me know if any more info require.