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    Slowly decreasing Troughput In JMeter


    I am testing an Python application, I want to test that application with constant troughput.
    1st test the application with 500 users then Jmeter rapidly decreases troughput, so I decreased the users to 100 still it decreasing the troughput, it is happening even for 50,10 users also.
    if users 2 it slowly decreasing i.e. it come down some point and stay some at that point then again decreasing.
    Please help , is it error in Jmeter or with my mechine.
    If any one face this problem please help to me.

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    Re: Slowly decreasing Troughput In JMeter

    well I would check following things.
    1. how are response times? are they increasing while throughput is decreasing or do they stay at same level.
    - if response time increases, that means that threads are spending more and more time waiting response from server, therefore they cannot make next request before previous is done.

    2. you could check if restarting target server would help. start with smaal user amounts and slowly increase it. same time opserve/monitor target server resources. Also watch load generator CPU and memory usage, so it does not become bottleneck.



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