first I use this command to start jmeter using a proxy to access the
internet, I have xx'd out the server name, port name, user names and
password for security

C:\APPS\jakarta-jmeter-2.3.2\bin\jmeter.bat -H -P
xxxx -u cunxxxxfxa -a xxxxxxxxxx -N xxxx

Then I set up HTTP Request Defaults and put the server name and port in

then I set up my HTTP Proxy Server with the server name and port 9090

Then I go into LAN settings and uncheck use Automatic configuration script
(herein is where I think the problem lies, I am investigating this to see
what it does) and say to use localhost port 9090

I am then able to go out to the internet and record anything and
everything- works fine

But then I try to go to the internal web based application that i want to
test and I can't get to the address

Instead I get a dns error stating that the Domain is not recognised, any

Kind Regards,