I'm developing automated functional web tests with JMeter and couldn't find an answer to my following problem.
For a tracking test, where an id as parameter is sent with a HTTP Request, I need to separate the cookie and session behaviour of JMeter. I have a normal click flow opening some URLs. I use JMeter 2.3.2 r665936.

I have 2 different test cases.

The 1st test should be cookie tracking. I open an URL including the id, get a cookie and should normally close the browser window. Then I reopen it and type in the URL again without the id. The id should now be stored in the cookie. In this case I have the id in the cookie and started a new session.
The 2nd test is session tracking. No cookies should be accepted, the id and all necessary data should be stored in the session.

Now the question is how to implement it in JMeter. I have difficulties to set up the HTTP cookie manager, because my session data are also seem to be stored in a session cookie. So if the HTTP Cookie Manager is deactivated, neither cookies nor session data are accepted. With activated HTTP Cookie Manager I cannot distinguish if the cookie or session tracking method is used, it seems both is mixed.

I hope you understand my problem and could help me with some hints. Sorry for my bad English, but unfortunately its not my mother tongue. [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]