I'm doing distributed testing, one master machine and two slave machines.
Is it possible to run test plan from master machine in non-Gui mode?
If yes, than here is my real question:
Jmeter sends test plan to all slave machines. Does it also send .properties files? I've got a test.properties file with defined properties and in test plan these properties are called by __P() function.

My bat file looks like this:

SET currDir=%~dp0
SET JMETER_HOME=D:\jmeter\jakarta-jmeter-2.3.2
%JMETER_HOME%\bin\jmeter.bat -Jremote_hosts=, -n -t %currDir%test_plan.jmx -p test.properties -l result.jtl -r

But it seems that slave machines can't read from test.properties file.

How to solve this problem?