Hi Folks,

I am pretty new to JMeter and suddenly find myself at sea with a particularly teeth-grinding, nut-twisting problem...

I am reading values from a csv file to populate script variables then firing off SOAP requests with these variables in the XML body. This works fine when the XML is embedded into the SOAP sampler, the variable values being substitued correctly before the SOAP request is sent, however hardcoding the XML into the script like this is not ideal and I would like to be able to separate them from the script and maintain them in an external repository. The issue I have is that when the SOAP sampler takes it's XML from an external input file it does not perform any variable evaluation/substitution before submission.

I notice that this issue has been raised previously but never fully concluded, have any of you good folks out there arrived at a deliciously cunning solution? All pointers, ideas and ruminations greatly welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

Quentin Walker