We are pleased to announce the release of Rapise v2.0 that provides support for testing HTML5 applications, data-driven testing using ODBC databases as well as support for advanced AJAX web applications using the GWTExt and SmartGWT frameworks.

New Features
Support for new HTML5 Controls (Number, Progress, Range)
Database global object now available for creating data-driven tests using an ODBC / SQL database
Object Manager module added that allows test authors to easily copy learned objects between test scripts

Additional controls available in GWTExt and SmartGWT libraries
Updated add-on for Mozilla Firefox that offers greater performance
Updated extension for Google Chrome that replaces the NSAPI API with the new Native API

RapiseChrome.crx updated to work with planned versions of Chrome that use Native API
REST Web Service add-in now correctly detects filenames with characters that will not create valid object names
Library Information System samples updated to work correctly on Firefox and Chrome
Save-As functionality fixed so that .JS files are correctly renamed to match .sstest files
Fixes to the Silverlight, jQuery and SampleATM samples

Inflectra | Rapise 2.0 Now Available