We are pleased to announce the latest release of Rapise, our automated GUI, web service and cross-browser testing solution. The new release includes support for testing RESTful web service APIs, support for IE10, as well as new libraries for the GWT-Ext and SmartGWT versions of the Google Web Framework.

New Features
- New REST web services testing add-in that enables the testing of RESTful web service APIs.
- Package Manager that can connect to the QA-Forge for installing third-party libraries
- New third party libraries that support:Google Web Toolkit GWT-Ext
Google Web Toolkit - SimpleGWT

- Ability to export reports as Adobe Acrobat PDF files as well as Microsoft Excel
- Samples added for testing Flex4 applications

Resolved Issues
- Fixes incompatibility issues with Internet Explorer (IE) 10 on 64-bit platforms
- Documentation updated to specifically describe how to test Flex4 (vs. Flex3) applications

Inflectra | Rapise v1.7 Released: Web Service Testing & Enhanced Support for GWT