We are pleased to announce the latest release of Rapise, our automated functional and cross-browser testing solution. This new version provides the ability to test applications written using Java SWT and Microsoft Silverlight. It also provides enhanced support for Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) and Firefox/Chrome web browsers.

New Features

-Support added for Silverlight and Java SWT applications
-Enhanced support for WPF applications using the new UIAutomation library
-Support for testing .NET 4.0 applications
-Execution monitor dialog box that displays progress during playback and allows pause/cancel of running tests
-Spy chooser that allows inspection of MSAA, UIAutomation, Managed (.NET) and Java applications


-Regular Expression option added to Find and FindReplace in the Rapise IDE
-Keyboard shortcut added to allow users to stop running scripts more easily
-SpreadSheet object API enhanced with additional functions
-Screen capturing now has the option to display cursor position
-Support added for Embedded Java in IE, Chrome, Firefox web applications