Okay, I have a question...

I was thinking about trying to replicate some of the functionality of the Wininfo utility in VB6 and was curious about something? On a whim, I opened two instances of Wininfo.pc6 and dragged the taget reticle of the first instance onto the second instance. Now this is not really relevant to my question but is one of the reasons why I want to create a VB version - has anyone else run into a problem where Wininfo returns an error code 97 when the reticle is dragged over a SysTab32 control? Heres the error message that is returned:

Invalid window handle: 0
Error code: 97

Okay, back on topic, obviously the section of the utility containing the aiming reticle is a ToolbarWindow32, but considering that Wininfo was built/compiled using VT and the controls available within VT, anyone have any ideas what the backend functionality (API?) is behind the reticle?