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    Trouble invoking javascript (OnUnload) with VT


    I am trying to test a webpage on MSIE which has a javascript function that produces a popup on the OnUnload statement. However it appears that as Visual Test doesn't actually cause a user event, the OnUnload statement is never invoked by the web browser, and the popup never appears. So far I have tried the following commands, all of which when executed manually produce the popup

    - WebBack( strWebContext )
    - WebQuit( strWebContext )
    - Play "%({F4})"
    - Play "%(F)"
    sleep( 2 )
    Play "C"
    - WebNavigate( strWebContext, "http://www.google.com" )
    - WToolbarButtonClk("@3", "Back")
    - AAClkWnd( "Address" )
    Play "http://www.google.com"
    sleep( 2 )
    Play "{ENTER}"

    Any ideas on how to get visual test to perform an action that the MSIE browser will see as an OnUnload action?

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    Re: Trouble invoking javascript (OnUnload) with VT

    Sorry, user error. I didn't realize all that the javascript was doing.



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