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    MS Visual Test

    Is there a way to have Visual Test restart Windows, and upon startup launch another Visual Test script?


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    Re: MS Visual Test

    You can use Suite Manager to run one or more test scripts.
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    Re: MS Visual Test

    You can use ExitWindowsEx or InitiateSystemShutdown API functions to reboot your PC.

    To launch your script upon Windows start you can just add your script's path into the "Startup" system menu

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    Re: MS Visual Test

    You can use EXITWINDOWS to restart the system and put the file in startup to run it in next logon.

    If you are using NT4 or W2K or XP, as these OSs require you to login after reboot, your script will not run. You can achive this by setting the Auto Logon option. (Please mail me if you need this info)




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