The application I am testing uses an embedded browser to show web pages which make up an on-lone help system. The browser is built and resides on the system as executable. I cannot figure out a way to get the context of this embedded browser so that I can perform web procedures. I can't seem to get the language to understand that I am not using a Internet Explorer to show these pages.
IE also lives on this machine, but is not used for this purpose.
I am navigating to and launchine the embedded browser before starting this portion of the test.
Here is some of the code..

The viewer and footer are two different windows, which overlap one another.

'*** Scenario 1:
Scenario ("Play Training Videos Within The Online Guide")

'Guide is already active Get the context$ from the T.O.C page
'viewerContext = WebExplore("C:\400s\web\English\rprg_toc.htm",FWEB _NOACTIVATE)
'SHELL ("IEPage.htm")
viewerContext = WebFndBrowser("C:\400s\web\English\rprg_toc.htm",F WEB_ACTIVATE)
Log "Viewer context is" viewerContext$

'viewerContext = WebBrowserExists("C:\400s\web\English\rprg_toc.htm ",FWEB_NOACTIVATE)
numLinks = WebLinkCount(viewerContext)

footerContext = WebExplore("C:\400s\web\footer.htm",FWEB_NOACTIVAT E)
'Log "Number of links on the page are" numLinks
Log "Footer context is" footerContext$