Our firm creates the product by Visual Basic 6.0. We have created own ocx control with name SGrid.(similiar like normal grid, but advanced)

If you want to get value of specific row or column you can set in VB code this:

Private Sub Form_Load()
With grdTable

.AddColumn "Column_1", "Number_1"
.AddColumn "Column_2", "Number_2"

.CellDetails 1, 1, "aa"
.CellDetails 1, 2, "bb"

.CellDetails 2, 1, "cc"
.CellDetails 2, 2, "dd"
End With

MsgBox grdTable.CellText(1, 1)
MsgBox grdTable.CellText(2, 2)

end sub

Note: In first MsgBox we see the value "aa" of column "Number_1"
In second MsgBox we see the value "dd" of column "Number_2" etc.

How I can get values from these Coordinate.
I've used function in Rational Visual Test code below:

Dim GetOcxValue as variant

GetOcxValue = OleCtlGetProperty("#grdTable","CellText(1,1)") that does not work.

I don't know how to go;-(( Please, help me ! ;-(

Thank's for each reply.


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