Recently, we have tried to automate our intranet pages. We have two setups in two different servers. One is MS IIS Server and another one is Linux server. We have tested our VT scripts only in IIS server.

We have accessed Linux server pages by using Server IP address in the URL bar. We try to test in Linux server. Visual Test Couldn't be identify the browser pages and got error "VTR5513: An Unexpected Web Error has occurred". I have checked all possibilities. Scripts will be run 45 minutes continuously. I have given 30 seconds sleep time to browse each page(Intranet pages). But the problem is occured again. I Couldn't be able to get controls information by using WInfo tool in WEB Tab .

Now I gave machine name to URL instead of Server IP Address. I can be able to get controls information for WEB Tab. My scripts are running successfully. Now I have come up with some questions.
1. How Web functions are handled in Visual Test?
2. What is the reason for this problem?
3. Is there any internal specifications to use Internet Explorer or Web Functions.?
4. Any other known problems based on web procedures??

Visual Test: 6.5
IE : 5.0 & 5.5
OS : NT, 2k

Thanks and Regards,

Thanks & Regards,