Hello, there~

I'm a new commer from Korea on this site.

I've trouble to handle string resources with Visual Test 6.5.
The following is the snippet of codes I need to run.

'$include 'winapi.inc'
dim hInst as long
dim resString as string*255
dim lResult as long
hInst = LoadLibrary("test.dll")
lResult = LoadString(hInst,61446,resString,len(resString))
print resString

I would like to get the string associated with value(ID) 61446.
After run this code, the values in hInst and lResult are expected ones.
No string, however, is assigned to resString.

I've no idea what's wrong on my source code.
Could anyone please help me to get string resources in the external resource library(DLL file)?
I would heighly appreciated with you in later.


Thanks in advance.

(ps. My english is not good... -_-;