Any suggestions/help on ...SetClass...

I want to be able to put the following fragment into an include file, and
NOT have them sprinkled throughout the .mst files. I have done this, and
have added the line: '$include: 'x:\include\' at the top of a
script. looks like this:
WCheckSetclass("ThunderRT6CheckBox\ThunderRT5Check Box\Button")
WComboSetClass("ThunderRT6TextBox\ThunderRT5TextBo x\ThunderRT6DriveListBox\T
w...and the rest of the classes listed here...

The main script has the line:
'$include: 'x:\include\'

The main script has many function calls. Within a call to a function that
is in (i.e.) specs.INC I am forced to place the line
WComboSetClass("ThunderRT6TextBox\...) to get WComboItemClk ("@1", ...) to
work. Otherwise it would fail with cannot activate control.

Also tried placing the ...SetClass... within another sub and calling that,
with no success

What would help? Just want the classes to be set in one place only...