These questions regarding Visual Test were sent to me. Since I am not a Visual Test expert I am posting this email to this newsgroup.

To: Elfriede Dustin/BNA Inc@BNA Inc
cc: Naim Bentahar <>, "''" <>
Subject: Exploring Information

Elfriede Dustin,

My name is Sangeeta Dewan. I work with Infolinx system solutions ( Software
Company). I am a lead Tester here. Currently I am evaluating Rational's "
Visual Test 6 " tool. Since this tool is very new to me, I would like to
get as many views about this tool as I can get. I saw your name in the
Washington's Rational Testing User Group. I thought that you would be the
best person to help me out or if you are not in position to give
recomendation then may be you can forward my e-mail to who is familiar with
this product and can give me some feedback.

The questions regarding this product I have are following:

1 What environment you use this VT6 with ? Our application is in VB6 which
runs under Windows NT.
2 What is your experience of implementing and using this product ? Do you
find it easy to use ? How long you think it takes
to get to know this product well, in general ? How long it takes to
implement it ?
3 Does it really speed up testing as claimed by vendor ?
4 How do you find documentation and support from vendor ?
5 Does this tool integerate with other problem reporting tools like "
Visual Intercept " ?
6 With your experience of this Visual Test tool, is reading the book (
Visual Test 6 Bible By:Thomas R. Arnold ) and Product
Documentation is enough for successful implementation or you would
recomend classroom training.
7 Do you know any company which provides good training at reasonable cost.

I would really appreciate if you or somebody can answer my questions to

Thanks in advance,