Hi everyone,
I'm wondering if it is possible to create a script helper superclass outside of a Functional Test project? The reason being, our team (of three QA Analysts) all manage specific sets of scripts belonging to different business modules. When we initially created separate folders under one project, we found that we could not all access the project to run/make changes to scripts at the same time (as soon as one tester hit 'save' on one of their scripts, everyone else had to rebuild their java build paths or their scripts wouldn't run).

So I created three separate projects that we all work from. However, I've now run into an issue with the custom java methods I was building. Up to this point, because I didn't have time to figure it out, I created a class file with custom methods, and each project got a copy. You can guess that over time they're all quite different, and maintaining three separate instances is not exactly the 'best practice'. So, I wanted to create ONE script helper class that I could use from any project. I had been playing with this before, but RFT wants you to save the helper class within a project - is there no way to save it higher (in a library somewhere?). I'm relatively new to java, so any information would be much appreciated!! Thanks!