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    Scenario errors in the Testmanager & Suite

    In the Testmanager, I make up a suite which contains one scenario. In this scenario, there are 2 GUI scripts in it.
    When I run the suite, it works fine. But I assign this suite to a test case, and run from this test case.
    I got an error message "scenarios in a nested suite not allowed".
    If I don't use "scenario" to organize the test flow, I run two GUI scripts(in a suite) within a test case.
    Final, I pass the test.

    What's the problem?

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    Re: Scenario errors in the Testmanager & Suite

    Exaclty what you mention:
    (1) You can build up suites.
    (2) You can build up suites that contain suites.
    BUT if you want to do (2) you should avoid using scenarios in it. That's it.
    A suite that contain scenarios obviuosly cannot be called within another suite.
    As a result you must built "running containers" in the computer group part above.
    The reason for that restriction is unknown. The GUI allows such a construction. I think it's a bug, the feature was overseen by at implementation time.



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