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    Virtual Tester Output Data (pdf)

    I'm testing an application that generates a pdf as part of its routine and I'm wondering if I should be able to copy the data in the output file, paste into a text editor, and save as pdf viewable by Adobe?

    I'm trying this, and it's not working. I didn't know if there was any editing I needed to do to the raw file to get it all nice for Adobe.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Virtual Tester Output Data (pdf)

    Just to update my little predicament here...

    "Product Limitation" is the jargon used to explain that this is not possible within the tool.

    My end result was to compare the filesize reported in the PDF to the application logs and make sure they were equal. Dirty, but effective.

    As an aside, the raw binary captured in TestManager is this close to what Adobe creates. I'm guessing there's a few extra characters that render the file "corrupt" in the eyes of Adobe and make it unreadable. If anyone tinkers with this and finds what those extra (or missing) characters are, PLEASE let me know.


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    Re: Virtual Tester Output Data (pdf)

    Look for this in the IBM KnowledgeBase:

    Product Versions: Client OS:
    Area: Client OS Versions:
    SubArea: Server Platform:
    Impact: Server OS:
    Technical Level: Server OS Versions:
    Associated Defect Id: Date Published: 6/7/00 12:37:42 PM
    Keywords: binary external C, publish
    Solution: PRODUCT: PerformanceStudio
    OS: NT
    DEFECT #:
    PATCH #:

    CREATED: 19-Mar-1999


    How can binary data like a response from an HTTP GET be written from a VU language script?


    The VU language library routines for file I/O aren't designed for binary data. The suggested method is to use an external C function to do the writing, passing it the data to be written in hexidecimal format. Sample code is provided below to allow binary data to be written with PerformanceStudio. The sample VU script file shows how to write the data returned by an http_request, but the external C code would work equally well in other cases.

    I have the dll, if you need it. Just let me know.
    Roland Stens



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