My group is new to TestManager and we are currently entering manual test cases (that
at some point will be automated) and are in need of a way to describe a loop. A
Loop that will tell the script or user to repeat previous steps inputing a new field
label name and variable before moving forward.

1. The interface has 15 calendar control types that include calendar text box fields.

2. Each has a different field label name.

What we wish to accomplish is to tell the script (test case):

1a.) Repeat steps 1-5
1b.) Select field label "XXXX" enter date format 01/02/04
1c.) Edit Message Pop-up displays
1d.) Click Okay

2a.) Repeat steps 1-5
2b.) Select field label "XXX2" enter date format 01/02/2004
2c.) Edit Message Pop-up displays
2d.) Click Okay

We are designing a script that can test a date field that is hand entered through
a string. The acceptable format is only MM/DD/YYYY. There are two types of date
fields, those that can only occur on business days, and those that can occur on
any day.

Each date field needs to test for valid formats, valid data, and valid dates. How
do they handle: blank fields, integers, decimals, strings of characters, wrong order
of date subcomponents, too many slashes, wrong date separators, leading spaces,
trailing spaces, invalid dates (e.g. April 31), valid leap years (Feb 29, 2004),
and invalid leap years (Feb 29, 2005). Business day sensitive fields need to test
business holidays during the week and weekends.

Has anyone encountered this situation and if so how did you handle it?