I just found out about this forum and I would like to seek some pointer to interpret the response time collected by my VU scripts timer in the performance test report.

I have the following settings changed in my test suite from its default values before simulating 800VT:
- VU script timeout set to 120 seconds, timeout scaling at 100% and timeout action was set to 'Fatal'.
- Think time distribution was set to Negative exponential.
- Think maximum was set to 20 seconds.
- Allow redirect and cache response.

However, my test result shows that my virtual users has some page loading response time that reaches more than 200 seconds. Shouldn't this be possible in the first place as my VU scripts would have timeout after 120 seconds. Is there settings that I have missed out?

I also created some delay to allow TM to gradually releasing my VT into SUT.

Would the time taken to wait for response contributed to the response time if timeout action is set to 'Ignore'?

Ee-Tze Tan