Hi, i have a BIG problem. I just got an assignment to test a system with different amount of users. I am supposed to come up with a solution tomorrow (2/7).

I have 7 scripts which does various tasks, and these should be executed at the exactly same time (error marginal is maximum 1 second unsync to get all scripts executed at the same time).

I am supposed to test this with 5,10,20,30,40,50 concurrent users.

Before i've always used transactors to control amount of executions per second, but i can't design this particular case in testmanager with transactors. I've also read the docs for selectors but that doesn't help me either.

Does someone have an idea how i design a suite which runs 7 scripts concurrently at the EXACTLY same time, then Delay for 10 seconds, and then bursts again with all scripts executed at the same time. The scripts shall also be iterated 100 times each.

Br Jonas