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    Controlling 10 GUI agents

    We are trying to set up TestManager2003 to control 9 agents running GUI scripts on win 2000 workstations to create concurrent transactions on target application system.
    Does anyone have a good experience with this approach?

    The test lab is a set of Win 2000 Pro workstations set up to have a standard corporate footprint (less virus checkers and the like).
    After some experimentation, we cut network traffic to a minimum and managed to get a stable execution of a notepad test then moved on to the real application ( CLarify based)starting with a simple logon/logoff scenario including some performance timers. This gives us heaps of problems relating to the agent-testmanager communication. We could run the logon/logoff ok on one agent.
    For example:
    1. On 2 agents, it ran a few cycles then testmanager disappeared only a reboot allowed us to start it up again. The agents then reported "Warning from Agent TEST 3: another Rational TestManager run was active"
    2. all of the agents showing a status in the computer display of initializing except one with a status of not started. testmanager then sits there and nothing happens
    3. The suite runs but the status in the computer display shows Delay Function for quite long periods and the results in the report for the timers seem very long. What is Delay Function and what does it mean.
    4. error

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    Re: Controlling 10 GUI agents

    From perusing Rational's knowledge base, it seems that is related to one of two issues.

    Technote 132815100:

    The following error appears when running a Suite in Rational TestManager: "Fatal user initialization error: [] GAPSessionSetImpdirectory() failed"

    The server machine where the project is stored is using a Microsoft Windows Professional operating system. There is a Microsoft imposed limit of file share connections on the "Professional" operating systems. (This limit is usually 10 file share connections but can be less.)

    Sybase SQL Anywhere is highly recommended for any project that will need more than one concurrent user. If this is not an option, a Microsoft Windows Server operating system does allow more concurrent users than the Professional version.

    --- or ---

    Technote 20026:

    If you see the following type of error:

    "user 0 terminated

    user suite 2 exited with message
    TSEE #001: fatal user initialization error

    [] Function session open failed
    for test script execution adapter rttseagap []
    gap session set imp directory failed [12.004]
    The user on machine is unable to access the file
    invoc test #16.log/agentlogfiles/agent0.log for writing"

    The answer is:

    The project needs to be registered in UNC format.

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