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    How to run same suite on multiple computers

    I tried to run a test suite on my local computer and on a remote computer at the same time. But I got an error about the agent license. I'm sure I have enough licenses. When I called support, I was told that I cannot run the same test suite on more than one computer at the same time using TestManager because one computer will lock the suite/script and the other computers will not be able to access it. Is that true?

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    Re: How to run same suite on multiple computers

    We have a working test lab with one machine running TestManager and four machines running agent code. The TestManager machine (local machine) is never used to execute tests, for several reasons, the most of important reason is that it does not work [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] .

    Create multiple Computer groups and assign one to each of your agents. (You need to assign the default computer group to a specific agent machine before you are allowed to create additional computer groups. At least, that is the only way I have found to do it.) Place your test scripts into scenarios and assign the scenarios to a computer group.

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    Re: How to run same suite on multiple computers

    Any idea how many licenses will be used up to run the tests on four agent machines?

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    Re: How to run same suite on multiple computers

    At least 4. How many Virtual Users (overlapping tests) are you planning on executing? I have gotten well over 1000 Virtual Users out of 4 agents - requiring well over a 1000 Virtual Tester license.
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