Running RMT from CQTM, my client's goals are:
1. Break a test scenario into multiple test scripts. Each script will be executed by a different business rep, with different permissions in the system.
2. Be able to order the tests so that they are executed in the correct order. The business persons may be located in different geographic locations.
3. Pass data output from one test script to the inputs of another test script at runtime (order #'s, etc). The data may not be consumed by the next test in line and there may actually be many data outputs.
4. Failure of a given test script does not necessitate the failure of the entire test scenario, so the whole needs to be able to continue.

Test suites won't work because the test scripts are executed sequentially on a single machine.

The above scenario is currently managed by passing a spreadsheet from tester to tester, so they want a similar process to work within the tool.

Is this even possible? Based on searching the Web and IBM's site, I don't see anything the least bit similar. Are we the only ones trying it?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Philip Daye

P.S. I know this would be relatively straight forward by automating the tests, but they aren't there yet.