I would like to implement the following and would like to know if its possible, and the work effort that will be involved:

Basic Purpose -- A tool that will verify that the testing team has testing coverage for all requirements in Req Pro with a Testability status of Acceptable.

---The program that will compare all Requirements with a testability of Acceptable in Rational Requisite Pro and Rational Test Manager.
-- The program will identify any requirements in Req Pro with Acceptable that are not in Test Manager
-- The program will also identify any requirements in Test Manager that are not in Req Pro (perhaps if a requirement has been deleted, etc)
-- If match, the program gives assurance that total testing coverage is in place.

-- The program will take all requirements in Req Pro with testability of Acceptable and create test case templates in Test Manager
-- All that would be created is a generic test case that will grab the first 20 or so chars from the Req name-- The case would just populate the Test Input section
-- The user would have to go in to Test Manager, change the test name, and then configure the test case based on its Test Input
-- Basically this would save the user time, and also ensure that all Reqs with Acceptable are covered.
-- In addition, The program would create a case for 1 Master req (and all children) at a time.

please let me know your thoughts.